North Providence Police Department

1967 Mineral Spring Ave., North Providence RI 02911


This Unit is commanded by a Lieutenant, and is staffed with Detectives. They are responsible for the Narcotics, Vice, and Organized Crime Activities, and the Intelligence Activities of the Department. The Unit has additional responsibilities for special investigation functions and activities as described in this General Order and/or assigned by the Chief of Police. The Unit Commander reports directly to the Executive Officer, and has functional responsibility for:

Narcotics, Vice, Organized Crime Investigations: Consists of the analysis, evaluation, and dissemination of data on crime trends in such areas as organized crime activities, gang and drug activities, terrorism, and civil disorders. It also involves the gathering, exchanging, and coordination of information among other law enforcement agencies and the North Providence Police Department. Maintains liaison with the drug task force and other intelligence-gathering or covert law enforcement agencies. Members may be assigned to investigative task forces, on a full-time or part-time basis, as determined by the Chief of Police.

Criminal Intelligence: Responsible for the collection, collation, storage, dissemination, and analysis of criminal intelligence information from all sources.