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Attention North Providence Residents and Visitors

The North Providence Police Department will be conducting an important training exercise at the High School next week.

On Monday afternoon and on Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon, police officers will simulate a response to a violent act at the high school. You may see police cars and blue lights or hear officers yelling or other loud noises at the high school. Please know that there is absolutely no danger to the community. This is part of a long-planned training drill that is going on during the school vacation week.

No students or faculty will be present during the drill, and the North Providence Police Department has made arrangements for anyone coming to athletic events at the fields behind the school to use a separate entrance. Please follow the signs posted or the directions of the officers conducting traffic duty at the high school.

Thank you for your understanding the cooperation as we work with the police department on this training, which is meant to improve the safety and security of our schools.

Neighborhood Crime Information
We have noticed an uptick in thefts of rims and tires from automobiles in the Town. The vehicles that are primarily targeted are Honda Accord's and Toyota Camry's that have aluminum wheels. But, any car with high end wheels is a potential victim. A crime analysis does not show any particular area of Town that has a higher likelihood of being victimized. We recommend the following to make your car less attractive to criminals:
  • Park in a well lit are as close to a frequently used home or apartment entrance.
  • Use locking lug nuts.
  • Install a car alarm that can be tripped by vehicle motion.
  • Install cameras to record the area where your car is parked.
  • Park in a garage if possible.
  • Most importantly, call us if you notice anything suspicious. We don't mind.

Byrne Grant Public Comment

The Department is soliciting public comment on our application for an Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant. You can comment by contacting the Chief's office at 401-231-4533, by mail at the address in the left column of this page or by using the contact form.

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grant letter

NPPD in the Community

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The North Providence Police donated and collected toys and books for children hospitalized over the holiday and delivered them to the patients at Hasbro Children's Hospital on December 16, 2016. Taking part were (L to R) Captain James Broccoli, Mayor Charles Lombardi, Lieutenant Dennis Stone, Detective Jeremy Bibby, Mayors Chief of Staff Richard Fossa, Police Chief's Executive Secretary Julie Zanni, Sergeant Michael'angelo Scaramuzzo, Acting Chief Christopher Pelagio and Acting Deputy Chief Charles Davey.

Information Request
The Department is asking anyone with information regarding a suspicious death that occurred in 2007 to contact us, anonymously if needed. Please click the icon to the right to view a small .PDF file with basic case and contact information.
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About North Providence

North Providence is one of 39 municipalities in the State of Rhode Island. Established in 1636 and incorporated as a Town in 1765, North Providence has approximately 33,000-34,000 residents making it the 8th most populated community in Rhode Island. Centrally located in the northwestern corner of the Providence
metropolitan area, North Providence offers its residents and surrounding communities, many attractions of living close to a large city, yet maintains a small town atmosphere with suburban flair. North Providence offers numerous services, outstanding parks, recreational facilities and commodities to suit everyone’s needs.

Recent Statistics

In 2013 the sixty-six members of the police department handled 30,593 calls for service which resulted in 1,425 arrests and 1,106 accident reports. Below is a sampling of the types of crimes the officers investigated:

  • 35 Felony Assaults
  • 214 Simple Assaults
  • 2 Murders
  • 7 Robberies
  • 157 Breaking & Enterings
  • 117 Thefts from motor vehicle
  • 59 Motor vehicle thefts
  • 243 Vandalisms
  • 99 DUIs

Breeze Story about lowered crime rate
Police use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be insufficient.
Sir. Robert Peel

Our Mission Statement

The members of the North Providence Police Department are dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality police services to our citizens. We are dedicated to the concept of personal excellence at the highest level, uncompromising integrity, continuous improvement in order to enhance public safety, protection of life and property, and the reduction of crime and the perceptions of crime. We will fulfill this mission by developing a partnership with the community in a manner that inspires confidence and trust. We acknowledge a community commitment to resolve issues and improve the quality of life for all residents.

Members of the North Providence Police Department take pride in our professional accomplishments and abilities. We are individually accountable for the reflection of the following core values in both our professional and personal lives:

• Respect for human life;
• Treating all people with the highest regard and respect;
• Honesty and integrity through ethical behavior;
• Professionalism and excellence demonstrated in all areas of duty;
• Cooperation with all agencies of Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement and government;
• Strengthen partnerships with the community.

Every citizen contact is an opportunity to demonstrate the mission and the values of the North Providence Police Department.

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